Myth Buster

Myth Buster: Crunches for a Six Pack

Illu_trunk_musclesSo many people believe you can spot reduced fat or “target” fat loss by doing a specific exercise. The most common “crunches will give me abs.” unfortunately, this is just not true. You cannot target a specific area for fat loss. Don’t get me wrong, crunches is great for strengthening areas in your core; however, they are not a cure for turning soft abdominals into toned muscles. There are many different variables that contribute to this.

Your core is not just your abs. It is also your glutes, hips and lower back. Crunches do not reach those areas. Crunches focus on your rectus abdominus (the top part of your abdomen). Only working on the top part of your abs makes your oblique’s (the sides of your abdomen) Transverse abdominis (the muscle that runs horizontally across your abdomen) and your lower abs to fall behind and still remain weak. Toned abs means working all those muscles, through a series of exercises.

Doing a series of different abdominal exercises still won’t give you the toned look you are after. Although you will be toning your abs, you still need to burn the fat sitting on top of your abdominal muscles in order to see them. It is very important to combine your resistance training with cardio and a healthy diet in order to help you achieve that. If you do all those things, and give it some time, you will eventually start seeing the changes you were looking for!


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