Myth Buster

Myth Buster: Can Exercise Erase a Bad Diet?

4953783700_8ebe042eb5_b“It’s okay, I just worked out today so I can eat whatever I want.”
A mind set like that won’t get you too far in terms of loosing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Simply because that above statement is very untrue. here is why…

When you are trying to loose weight it is all about calories in verses calories out. Your main goal is to burn off more calories than you consume. Let’s say you worked out for an hour and burned 400 calories. That’s good, but if you say “I worked out today so I’m going to have a burger and fries” you are going to consume approximately 480 calories. therefore, you just consumed more calories than you burned off, totally erasing all your hard work.

Your diet plays a significant role in your health, regardless if you are trying to loose weight. The most consumed and the most harmful thing that can have a enormous negative effect or your health is hydrogenated oil (Trans fat). It is found manly in deep fried food, margarine and various oils. Mix that with junk food, sweets and processed foods you are looking at heart disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. The solution is simple. Maintain a clean diet ( fruits and vegetables) and exercise regularly. Stay away from fast food, baked goods and processed food. You will maintain a healthy body weight and save yourself a whole lot of health issues.


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