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Top 5 Biggest Pet Peeves While Working Out!

5. “Meat Heads” who grunt excessively while Weight Training.

I’m not talking about the small little grunts when that person has pushed their body to it’s absolute max, but have just a few more repetitions left to finish off the set. I am talking about the full on screams! I’ve never understood why people feel the need to draw this much attention to themselves. In my opinion they look and sound stupid. If you have to scream in order to lift that weight it is probably too much for you….

4. Trying to talk to me while I am in the middle of a workout.

This has only happen to me on very rare occasions, and it has only ever been my mom who is guilty of this. My mom is a talker and I love her, but there is a time and a place. While I workout is not the time to discuss with me who called you, and what you said to them. What your fit bit goal is, or that weird dream you had last night!

3. Headphones falling out.

Somehow music just makes a workout more enjoyable. That is until your headphones decide they no longer want to stay in your ears!

2. Untied shoelace.

Having to momentarily bring a HIIT workout to a stop, in order to retie a shoelace in my opinion is the worst! You had so much momentum and energy going and then BOOM! It is over…your shoe lace now requires your attention!

1. Foot cramps.

The kind that makes you sit down. The kind that makes you involuntarily point your toe. The kind that you feel even after they are gone. The kind where you rush to take off your shoe and message out the lump in your arch. Yeah….they are the worst!


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Biggest Pet Peeves While Working Out!

  1. Hey, great post really good read! I’ve just started a blog, I’m 25 and looking to go a year sober, crazy right? I always drink so am looking at the social aspects it’s going to throw up, also health,gym and fitness thrown in there.. Enjoy your day 🙂


      1. Sounds crazy to me, only because I am so used to just drinking in every situation. I feel now is a time to get in really good shape however! I see you’re into your fitness too? 🙂


      2. I am into fitness. I’m pursuing a career in it. It hasn’t always been that way for me though. All through my teen years, exercise and I had a love/hate relationship. But now it’s mostly love! I am sure you will love this new, healthy lifestyle you are starting! You are going to feel too good not to!

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