Random Thoughts

Getting through the Holidays


I was inspired to write this post with the anticipation of Easter being this weekend. Holidays and special occasions have a tendency to make people go off track with their health and fitness routine. I myself is very much guilty of this. When my relationship with food and exercise was at it’s very worst, holidays for me was just an eventful day filled with guilt. Now that both relationships have drastically improved and I see a nutritionist holidays are easier on me. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t still find the Holidays tricky at times. But I have collected some advice over the years, so I think it is only fair to share it with you.

1) workout when you can.
An average workout for me is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. But if you only have half an hour to workout, then workout for that half hour. Choose exercises that incorporate multiply muscle groups (Ex. Squates with and Over head Press) to have a full body workout in a more condensed time frame.

2) If you don’t want it, don’t have it.
I truly hate is when someone tries to force something on me. But I also have a hard time standing my ground and saying no in situations like that. Whether they are trying to have me eat more, or have a specific dessert or drink. Passing things up have become a little more easier for me. However, I just recently stopped eating meat. I have made no official announcement about how I am trying my hand at being a vegetarian to my family, but I have been successful at for some time now. That being said I am already preparing myself for when the turkey is handed to me and I say no. But the way I see it; It’s not their body and they don’t get an opinion on how I choose to treat and nourish it!

3) If you want it, have it.
If your family is like mine then you will have an assortment of desserts at the table. If something is appealing to you and you truly want it than eat it. An extra cookie or slice of pie this one day wont do you any harm I promise you.

4) Don’t show up hungry and drink lots of water.
Holiday meals typically consist of high calorie, high sodium foods. Arriving hungry and dehydrated will result in you consuming more of those foods and water retention. So drink up, and don’t skip a meal to compensate for the big one to come.
Hope these helped,and whoever you are and wherever you are I hope you have a wonderful Easter.


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