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21 Things I’ve Learned in 21 Years



Yesterday was my 21st Birthday! The following is a list of the 21 things I have learned within my 21 years……

 1. It is okay to care what other people think of you. But it is not okay to let their opinions of you effect you in any kind of negative way.

2. My mother is ALWAYS right…even when she is wrong, she is still right!

3. While driving you are bound to find at least one “Jackass” on the road, and sometimes if you are not careful you will be that one Jackass.

4. Even the smallest shot of Whiskey will have the ability to literally take your breath away.

5. A strong cup of coffee can make even the worst day a little more endurable.

6. Achievements are worth celebrating no matter how small. Even if no one else thinks it’s a big deal..it is to you!!

7. Burpees suck!! But they work!!



8.Vegan food actually tastes good.

9.Cats make the best kind of company.

10. It is surprising how many answers you will know on a test when you actually take the time to study!

11. Gossiping is a sin… but it makes for an entertaining conversation!

12. It is okay if not everyone likes you, because chances are you don’t like them all that much either.

13. There is nothing in this world more comfortable than getting into an unmade bed.

14. Mean girls are everywhere, but so are nice ones.


15. Being sensitive doesn’t make you a weak person. It just makes you a person who cries a lot.

16. Airport security will make you question what your true motives are for getting on the plane. 

17. Telling yourself you will “only read one more chapter” is a lie!

18. Hearing the words “Previously on AMC’s the Walking Dead” will immediately bring excitement to your ears, but anxiety to your stomach.

19. Some days you just need a hug.

20. It is okay to feel sad. It only makes you appreciate feeling happy that much more.

21. The people who are always up for some nachos are the best kind of people!






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