Recipe: Sauteed Mushroom, Broccoli, Walnut Ravioli



1 Package Ravioli. (I used Spinach and Cheese)

8oz Sliced Mushroom

1 Head of Broccoli

2 Cloves minced Garlic

1/2 Halved Walnuts



Olive Oil


Bring a Large pot of water to a boil. Cook Ravioli according to instructions.

In a non stick skillet roast Walnuts over medium heat until Golden. About 2 minutes.Remove from skillet.

Add Olive Oil to skillet with mushroom and cook for about six minutes or until Mushrooms start to brown.

Add Broccoli and Minced Garlic to the Mushrooms. Cook for 2 more minutes. (Broccoli should be bright green). Add Walnuts back into the skillet.

Mix in the cooked Ravioli,drizzle with Olive oil, season with Salt and Pepper.


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