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Metabolic Resistance Training

I was a self proclaimed “Cardio Bunny” for a really long time. I Never did a workout that didn’t involve some sort of cardio…and then I got injured.  I partially tore my Quadriceps Tendon while doing a set of Burpees. This injury had me sidelined for 6 months. No running, jumping, squatting, lunging, hell I was even advised to stay away from stairs. Cardio was absolutely out of the question.  So i was forced to improvise, and that is how I discovered my new love (As far as workouts were concerned). Shortly after my injury I was introduced to Metabolic Resistance Training.

Metabolic Resistance Training is high intensity, total body strength training exercises that help accelerate your metabolism. This form of resistance training uses little to no rest in between sets, so your heart rate starts to sky rocket. This gets your fat burning. Add the fact you have a set of weights in your hand, you are now burning fat while toning your muscles. As oppose to traditional cardio that just burns fat, and improves endurance. Or traditional strength training that tones and strengthens muscles. With Metabolic Resistance Training you are burning fat, toning and strengthening muscles, Improving your Endurance and Burning Calories. I love this form of exercise, and say give it a try. It may just be your new love as well.


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