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3 Fitness Fads to Avoid!


1.  Waist Trainers.

-All over social media specifically, celebrities are posting themselves wearing Waist Trainers. The idea is that if you wear one for a certain amount of time your body will somehow mold itself to be thinner. I have had many people (including my mother) ask if this really works. NO! Now I have never tried a waist trainer so I cannot speak from experience. But I have done my research. First things first, Spot reducing does not exist. You cannot pick one area of your body that you would like to reduce fat in, and only reduce the fat in that one area. Waist trainers only give you temporary result while you are wearing it, and for a short time after you take it off. But eventually your body will go back to it’s normal shape and size. Not to mention there are many risks associated with wearing a trainer. For example Crushed Organs, Compressed Lungs and Fractured ribs.

2. Detox Teas.

-Yet another product blasted all over social media by celebs. Drinking a cup of tea does not make you, or help you loose weight. Many of these tea contain an ingredient called Diuretics. Diuretics which are sometimes called “Water Pills” are used to treat conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Edema. Basically they make you pee…. a lot. So any weight you may end up losing is just water weight. You are not actually burning any fat, therefore the weight will just come back on.

3. Fat Burners.

-If loosing and maintaining weight was as simple as taking a pill, you wouldn’t find a single person exercising. Nor would you hear anyone go on about their new diet. This is because loosing and maintaining weight is not as simple as taking a pill. Fat Burners are designed to boost metabolism, Decrease your appetite and Increase your Energy Level. Now this can increase the number of calories your burn, which can then translate into fat loss. Fat Burners release hormones that signals the fat from the fat stores to be released to the blood stream. Once it is there, it wont just go away. Unless you do something with that energy that the pill has given you, the fat will just be stored away again. So if you are using Fat Burners along with regular exercise, then yes maybe it will work for you. (Although I DO NOT recommend taking any kind of pill or supplement). But if you are going to take it and just continue on with poor eating and minimal exercise thinking this magical pill will take away your fat for you. You are sadly mistaken.

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Myth Buster: Can Exercise Erase a Bad Diet?

4953783700_8ebe042eb5_b“It’s okay, I just worked out today so I can eat whatever I want.”
A mind set like that won’t get you too far in terms of loosing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Simply because that above statement is very untrue. here is why…

When you are trying to loose weight it is all about calories in verses calories out. Your main goal is to burn off more calories than you consume. Let’s say you worked out for an hour and burned 400 calories. That’s good, but if you say “I worked out today so I’m going to have a burger and fries” you are going to consume approximately 480 calories. therefore, you just consumed more calories than you burned off, totally erasing all your hard work.

Your diet plays a significant role in your health, regardless if you are trying to loose weight. The most consumed and the most harmful thing that can have a enormous negative effect or your health is hydrogenated oil (Trans fat). It is found manly in deep fried food, margarine and various oils. Mix that with junk food, sweets and processed foods you are looking at heart disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. The solution is simple. Maintain a clean diet ( fruits and vegetables) and exercise regularly. Stay away from fast food, baked goods and processed food. You will maintain a healthy body weight and save yourself a whole lot of health issues.

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Myth Buster: Chocolate milk for Recovery

Flickr_-_cyclonebill_-_Cocio_(1)Drinking a glass of chocolate milk after a workout has become one of those controversial subjects that no one can seem to agree on. You are either all for it, or totally against it. Multiple research studies have been conducted. Many have come back saying that a glass of chocolate milk contains the perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates that will ultimately increase your recovery time. (Post workout recovery is to allow your body to replenish the sugar that is stored in your muscles, and start muscle rebuilding so that your body is fully prepared for the next workout). That alone is enough for people to start chugging back a tall glass of chocolate milk after their workout. I however cannot disagree with that more…
Of course there are plenty of evidence that chocolate milk serves a variety of functions for your body. But chocolate milk contains both natural and added sugars. I truly believe that chocolate milk contains too many calories and too much sugar. In fact the average sized glass of milk (1 cup) has approximately six teaspoons of sugar. Most people exercise to lose weight and be healthy. By drinking a glass of milk after a workout, you are consuming the calories you just burned off, erasing all the hard work you just put in. Unless you are a professional athlete or a marathon runner where you are seeing yourself train all day everyday, chocolate milk wont help you, in the long run it will hurt you. All you need is some water and a healthy snack, and I promise you your body will still recover in a sufficient amount of time.

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Myth Buster : Does sweat determine if you had a good workout?

Does sweating more during a workout mean you’ve burned more calories or had a hard fat burning workout?

NO! Your body produces sweat when it is trying to cool down its core temperature. The more sweat, the hotter your core temperature, by no means does it gage whether or not you had a decent workout. In fact the more fit you are, the less likely you are to sweat as much. This is because your body has conditioned itself to exercise. Therefore, it takes higher intensity exercises to heat your core temperature to create sweat.

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Myth Buster: Crunches for a Six Pack

Illu_trunk_musclesSo many people believe you can spot reduced fat or “target” fat loss by doing a specific exercise. The most common “crunches will give me abs.” unfortunately, this is just not true. You cannot target a specific area for fat loss. Don’t get me wrong, crunches is great for strengthening areas in your core; however, they are not a cure for turning soft abdominals into toned muscles. There are many different variables that contribute to this.

Your core is not just your abs. It is also your glutes, hips and lower back. Crunches do not reach those areas. Crunches focus on your rectus abdominus (the top part of your abdomen). Only working on the top part of your abs makes your oblique’s (the sides of your abdomen) Transverse abdominis (the muscle that runs horizontally across your abdomen) and your lower abs to fall behind and still remain weak. Toned abs means working all those muscles, through a series of exercises.

Doing a series of different abdominal exercises still won’t give you the toned look you are after. Although you will be toning your abs, you still need to burn the fat sitting on top of your abdominal muscles in order to see them. It is very important to combine your resistance training with cardio and a healthy diet in order to help you achieve that. If you do all those things, and give it some time, you will eventually start seeing the changes you were looking for!

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Myth Buster : Weightlifting

A very common thing you hear from women, is that they do not want to do any kind of resistance training, because they don’t want to become “bulky” or “masculine” looking. This misconception is unfortunately caused by the image that may come to mind of a professional female body builder. However, a professional female body builder is not an accurate depiction of what regular resistance training will do for an average female. Here is why…

Women do not, and cannot naturally produce as much testosterone as males do, which is one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size. Therefore, it is impossible for women to gain gigantic amounts of muscle mass, just by pickingIMG_5289 up a weight. Female body builders spend a great deal of time, as in hours a day lifting weights. On top of that they are using anabolic steroid, which is a synthetic testosterone, along with other drugs to help them achieve such high amounts of muscle mass.

The true reality of incorporating resistance training into your workout routine is that it serves a variety of functions. For starters it helps improve your body composition, which is the proportion of fat mass to fat free mass. It also helps you burn calories, along with giving you a strong/toned physique. Regular resistance training also helps develop core strength and improve your posture. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, so go ahead and lift those weights!!