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Favourite Workout Songs of the Summer

As summer comes to an end, here are a few of my favourite workout songs this Summer.

Demi Lovato- Sorry Not Sorry

Serena Ryder- Utopia

Cole Swindell ft. Dierks Bentley- Flatliner 

Luke Combs- Hurricane 

Ria Ora- I Will Never Let You Down

Iggy Azalea Ft. Rita Ora- Black Widow

Ed Sheeran- Nacy Mulligan

Billy Currington- We are Tonight





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Metabolic Resistance Training

I was a self proclaimed “Cardio Bunny” for a really long time. I Never did a workout that didn’t involve some sort of cardio…and then I got injured.  I partially tore my Quadriceps Tendon while doing a set of Burpees. This injury had me sidelined for 6 months. No running, jumping, squatting, lunging, hell I was even advised to stay away from stairs. Cardio was absolutely out of the question.  So i was forced to improvise, and that is how I discovered my new love (As far as workouts were concerned). Shortly after my injury I was introduced to Metabolic Resistance Training.

Metabolic Resistance Training is high intensity, total body strength training exercises that help accelerate your metabolism. This form of resistance training uses little to no rest in between sets, so your heart rate starts to sky rocket. This gets your fat burning. Add the fact you have a set of weights in your hand, you are now burning fat while toning your muscles. As oppose to traditional cardio that just burns fat, and improves endurance. Or traditional strength training that tones and strengthens muscles. With Metabolic Resistance Training you are burning fat, toning and strengthening muscles, Improving your Endurance and Burning Calories. I love this form of exercise, and say give it a try. It may just be your new love as well.

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3 Fitness Fads to Avoid!


1.  Waist Trainers.

-All over social media specifically, celebrities are posting themselves wearing Waist Trainers. The idea is that if you wear one for a certain amount of time your body will somehow mold itself to be thinner. I have had many people (including my mother) ask if this really works. NO! Now I have never tried a waist trainer so I cannot speak from experience. But I have done my research. First things first, Spot reducing does not exist. You cannot pick one area of your body that you would like to reduce fat in, and only reduce the fat in that one area. Waist trainers only give you temporary result while you are wearing it, and for a short time after you take it off. But eventually your body will go back to it’s normal shape and size. Not to mention there are many risks associated with wearing a trainer. For example Crushed Organs, Compressed Lungs and Fractured ribs.

2. Detox Teas.

-Yet another product blasted all over social media by celebs. Drinking a cup of tea does not make you, or help you loose weight. Many of these tea contain an ingredient called Diuretics. Diuretics which are sometimes called “Water Pills” are used to treat conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Edema. Basically they make you pee…. a lot. So any weight you may end up losing is just water weight. You are not actually burning any fat, therefore the weight will just come back on.

3. Fat Burners.

-If loosing and maintaining weight was as simple as taking a pill, you wouldn’t find a single person exercising. Nor would you hear anyone go on about their new diet. This is because loosing and maintaining weight is not as simple as taking a pill. Fat Burners are designed to boost metabolism, Decrease your appetite and Increase your Energy Level. Now this can increase the number of calories your burn, which can then translate into fat loss. Fat Burners release hormones that signals the fat from the fat stores to be released to the blood stream. Once it is there, it wont just go away. Unless you do something with that energy that the pill has given you, the fat will just be stored away again. So if you are using Fat Burners along with regular exercise, then yes maybe it will work for you. (Although I DO NOT recommend taking any kind of pill or supplement). But if you are going to take it and just continue on with poor eating and minimal exercise thinking this magical pill will take away your fat for you. You are sadly mistaken.

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10 Surprising Celiac Facts

Image result for celiac facts

10. 1/350th of a slice of bread or 1/64 tsp of Gluten is enough to cause intestinal damage and leave you keeled over in pain. 

9. Once Celiac is triggered it is a life long disease, with no known cure except for a strict Gluten Free Diet.

8. Since Celiac Disease is an Autoimmune Disease you are born with the gene. Yet no one can predict when or why it presents itself.

7. There are over 300 symptoms for Celiac Disease. Some include Severe stomach pain, Bloating, Headache, Joint pain, Dizziness, and Skin rash.

6.90% Of people who suffer from Celiac Disease are misdiagnosed.

5. 22% of people with Celiac has an immediate family member who also has it.

4. Products like Toothpaste and a variety of medications contain gluten.

3. You can test negative for Celiac Disease and still have the Disease.

2.Gluten can cause depression in people who have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

1. Untreated can be life threatening, and cause a variety of other health issues. Like Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Anemia, intestinal and gastrointestinal cancers.

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6 Celiac Problems


Just recently I found out I can no longer eat gluten. These are my 5 most annoying problems since going Gluten free.

6. When people just assume if you consume gluten all you will get is a tummy ache.

5. Constantly having to read food labels or Google to see if what you are about to eat is actually Gluten free.

4. Accidentally cross contaminating your food with your families food.

3. Just wishing you could eat “normal” again.

2. “I am so glad I’m not Gluten free. There is no way I could ever do that!”

1. Learning how to cook all over again! 


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Random Olympic Thoughts


The most Common thoughts I have while watching the Olympics:

10. Wait ….is this the women’s competition……?


8. Holy shit they are tall!

7. The Americans are absolute show-offs!

6. Oh My God volleyball is on again!?!

5. I could totally do that!!

4. When the hell did that become an Olympic sport!?

3. I should have become an Olympian!

2. I can out swim her, she is not even moving that fast…..(announcer: She just set the new world record for having the fastest time)……….Okay maybe not…….


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Top 10 Fit Girl Problems



10. Wanting to workout but already showered!

9. Being told it is “unhealthy” to eat so healthy….um, What!?

8. Friends talking to you about health and fitness when they clearly know nothing….

7. “You don’t need to workout!”

6.Earbuds that keep falling out!


4.Fighting off the temptation to workout on a rest day!

3. Realizing most of your clothes hanging in your closet no longer fit!

2.constantly being hungry!

1.The guilty feeling you get when you skip a workout!